Our Mission

As a family business, we appreciate the importance of customer service and making sure we connect with our clients. We are committed to giving businesses the best service we possibly can!
— John Galascione, Owner & General Manager

Here at Eagle Ray Productions, we understand that in this day and age, being ahead of the curve is key in the success of your business & your business' marketing strategy. Therefore, we give you just that; online marketing services that are new and up & coming, and essential in the market. We focus on making sure our clients are up to speed in this constantly changing & fast-paced technological world, and arm them with the best tools to make them stand out to their audience. We are committed to providing the most modern, unique & forward-thinking marketing services to achieve the highest possible success! We also value high customer service & your satisfaction, and with our full package services we promise to fulfill all of your needs.

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Our Story

We're proud to be a family business! The Galascione family lives in Honey Brook & Ephrata, Pennsylvania and offers Google Virtual Tours & Enhanced Virtual Tours to our local counties: Bucks, Berks, Chester, Lancaster & Montgomery, and the surrounding New Jersey & Delaware areas. 

Throughout the years, we've had fun traveling together on vacations as a family. We would enjoy taking photos as souvenirs & a way to reminisce of our fun times together. Over the years our love of photography has grown! Now we are very much into underwater photography when we're scuba diving (our owner John has won many contests with his incredible shots!), and our Director of Marketing & Creative Design, Kendra, now has her own photography business (click here to visit her website). Photography has always been near and dear to us. 360-degree photography is our latest obsession!

We are also very much fascinated with innovation & innovative technologies. Seeing our world go so far into the future with awe-inspiring technologies in such a short period of time is so incredible to watch, and we love being a part of it! We're thrilled to be helping businesses come into this modern world via immersive virtual tours - we know this is the wave of the future. Helping our local businesses be successful & come into this new modern world, coupled with personal, fun customer service...that's our dream job! Every time we're out creating virtual tours for our clients, it never ceases to amaze us how incredible virtual tours are, and how much we love our job & connecting with such cool local businesses. We're thankful to be living out this dream of ours as a family business!

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