increase traffic, sales & Brand loyalty with an Enhanced Google Virtual Tour!

         An Enhanced Google Virtual Tour allows your prospective & loyal customers to experience the beautiful spaces of your business intimately from anywhere in the world on any device by using their mouse/finger to drag the view point around, and move throughout the space using the arrows. This much transparency & immersion of your business' brand builds consumer trust & inspires greater confidence among prospective guests & patrons, and increases the likelihood they will visit your place of business and book immensely! 

What is it?

An innovative, unique & smart marketing tool that fosters engagement.

     Our Enhanced Google Virtual Tour consists of a base Google virtual tour paired with a custom overlay of content. This content, which includes text, links, audio, video, photos, etc., is utilized to be a marketing tool to accomplish certain marketing goals. Also included is a navigational bar, which makes moving around your venue as easy as a tap of the finger. So with our virtual tours, not only do you get the added benefits of having a Google virtual tour (increase in SEO, increase in traffic, increased local search visibility), but you will also have a whole new opportunity to market & engage with prospective customers while they're immersed & virtually walking around in your place of business! 


360° HDR Panoramic Imagery of the Spaces in Your Property

(ex. Entrance, Lobby/Waiting rooms, Exam Rooms, Model Apartments/Homes, Event Spaces, Exterior, etc.)


Custom Content Overlay

(Navigational Bar, Your Logo (which links to your website), Hot Spots with text, links, photo & video, etc.)


What can an enhanced virtual tour do for you?


Increase your online & in-store traffic.

Eagle Ray Productions boasts over 2.1 million views on our clients' tours, with some photos reaching over 209,000 views. This statistic alone proves that with one of our tours your business will be more visible online! With a tour, you now have "sticky content" that draws customers in (they'll spend 22 minutes on average on your website, vs. 2 if you didn't have one!), as well as higher rankings in search engine results. This results in higher customer trust, which is why having a virtual tour makes users 2x more likely to visit your business vs. your competition! We offer a marketing tool that is incomparable to anything else in the area!


Build Customer Trust

Your honesty & transparency are two very important traits to consumers. The more they can see about your business with a couple taps of their finger on their iPhone, the better! Giving your customers an immersive, firsthand experience with your brand that's accessible from anywhere at anytime automatically makes you more trustworthy to your prospective clients. They are able to experience your brand in a way that photos and videos can't give them - with full immersion.


Increase your SEO & local search visibility.

There are close to 900-million websites –  it's extremely important to make sure yours stands out with the use of smart SEO (search engine optimization) practices. Since Google is ranked #1 for being the world's biggest search engine ever, with 1 billion unique visitors per month, giving yourself the best presence across all of their platforms is smart for increasing web traffic & revenues to your business. Google loves Google, so doing anything directly with Google will increase your SEO big time, such as attaching one of our virtual tours to your business listing! Now your business will start to show up more frequently when people search locally!


Establishes you as the industry leader!

Modern marketing tools are needed in order to be seen above all the ad clutter found on the Internet nowadays. Virtual tours are cutting edge, and truly set you apart from your competitors! Our Enhanced Virtual Tours give your prospective customers a unique way to immerse themselves entirely in your brand, and gives you another level of unique engagement with users. Maintain your image as a leader in your industry by offering an immersive & engaging experience with your users using the latest modern marketing tools!


And most importantly, it’s the best marketing bang for your buck.


This isn’t your normal marketing piece that requires a monthly or recurring fee; our tours feature a one-time cost effective fee. We’ll feature your tour on your Google listing throughout all of Google’s platforms, as well as your website, and never have another charge for it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the pricing, so Contact Us to talk to us further about photographing your place of business!

What’s Included?

We tailor our tour packages to fit your specific needs! Included in our Enhanced Virtual Tour service is: 

  • High dynamic range (HDR) 360-degree panoramic imagery created by a Google Trusted Photographer

  • Imagery published to Google servers making your tour visible on all Google platforms

  • Embed codes & links for website, email & social media sharing

  • Featuring a one-time cost-effective fee

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